Front Loaders, Attachments & Tools that you can use in FS22

In this article, we’ll guide you through everything you need to know about front loaders – from what they are, to the various types available, and how to use them effectively in your farming simulator

Types of farming simulator loaders: Front Loaders, Wheel Loaders, Skid Steer Loaders & Telehandlers

Front Loaders Attachments Tools that you can use in FS22 2

    1. Front Loaders are versatile machines that excel in loading and unloading tasks.
    2. Wheel Loaders, on the other hand, are specifically designed to handle heavy materials such as logs and containers in forestry operations.
    3. Skid Steer Loaders are highly maneuverable and are perfect for loading in narrow spaces where other machines cannot reach.
    4. Telehandlers are the go-to machines when you need to reach high places like a high-rack storage area.

Types of Farming Simulator Front Loaders

Front Loaders Attachments Tools that you can use in FS22 3

When it comes to front loaders, it’s important to note that there are different types available, which can be confusing if you’re not familiar with them. Here are the main types:

  1. Front Loader (Vehicles) – these are standalone vehicles found in the vehicles category.
  2. Front Loader (Attachments*) – these are extensions for tractors that enable them to use tools, found in the tools category.
  3. Front Loader Tools (Attachments for Standalone or Tractor Attachment)

The first thing to consider is whether you want to use a standalone vehicle specifically designed for front-loading tools or equip your tractor with an extension and use the tools with it.

It’s worth noting that in order to use the front loader attachment and tool on the tractor, you’ll need to purchase the necessary attachment configuration from the dealership. You can either add this to the tractor at the time of purchase or take an already owned tractor to the dealership, park it in the vehicle options field and add the attachment on the configuration screen.

Front loaders can be used for a variety of tasks on the farm, especially if you’re running a greenland operation and keeping animals. You can use them to load, transport and unload crops, bales, pallets, manure, big bags and logs. Whether you’re putting bales into your barn, crops into a silage bunker, stacking up pallets and big bags of fertilizer, filling up the forage mixer wagon to produce animal food, or transporting lightweight logs, a front loader is an ideal tool for the job.

We got a list with 12 Front Loader Tools for you

Front Loaders Attachments Tools that you can use in FS22 4

While some tools may offer multiple manufacturers to choose from, most are compatible regardless of the manufacturer selected. Therefore, it is typically not necessary to worry about which specific manufacturer to choose.However here is only one exception about the front loader 700M wich is compatible only with John Deere 7R Series Tractor.

So below you’ll see the list of all 12 front loaders that are available in fs22.

  1. Bale Spike – used to move and transport large, heavy bales of hay or straw.
  2. Bale Handler – used to lift, transport and stack bales of hay or straw.
  3. Bale King – specifically designed for handling round bales of hay or straw.
  4. Universal Bucket – used for a variety of tasks, such as loading and transporting loose materials like soil, sand, and gravel.
  5. Manure Fork – used for moving and handling manure, compost, and other organic materials.
  6. Round Bale Fork – specifically designed for handling large round bales of hay or straw.
  7. Pallet Fork – used for lifting and transporting pallets of goods or materials.
  8. Log Fork – used for transporting and stacking logs.
  9. Fork With Grapple – a combination of a fork and a grapple used for handling heavy and bulky materials, such as logs or rocks.
  10. Silage Cutter – used for cutting and transporting silage for livestock feed.
  11. Beet Cutter – specifically designed for cutting sugar beets for livestock feed.
  12. Bigbag Lifter (Single/Dual) – used for lifting and transporting large bags of fertilizer, animal feed, or other materials. The single or dual refers to the number of bags it can handle at once.

How to Use Front Loaders With Your Tractor or A front Loader Vehicle

Front Loaders Attachments Tools that you can use in FS22 5

To use front loader tools with a tractor, you need to configure your tractor to allow front loader attachments at the dealership. Next, purchase and attach a front loader attachment for your tractor from the tools-category of the shop. Finally, purchase and attach a front loader tool to the attachment, and you’re ready to use it!

If you’re using a front loader vehicle, you need to buy it from the vehicle-category of the shop, then purchase and attach a front loader tool to it. Always keep the power requirements and weight of attachments and tools in mind to ensure compatibility.

Before making a purchase, click on the combinations button on the overview screen when selecting an attachment/tool to make sure you can combine it with the attachment/tool you need.