Fortuna FTM 200 / 7.5 v1.0 Trailer Mod FS22

The Fortuna FTM 200 / 7.5 v1.0 FS22 is a trailer mod that can be easily integrated into the popular game Farming Simulator 22. It is a high-quality mod that offers great value for its reasonable price of 50,500 €. With a capacity that ranges from 24,000 l to 39,000 l, this trailer is perfect for carrying large amounts of cargo.

This trailer mod is exclusively manufactured by Fortuna, a well-known brand in the world of farming equipment. It belongs to the Trailers category and is a valuable addition to any virtual farm in FS22. This mod is fully compatible with the game and is sure to enhance the overall gameplay experience.

The credits for this impressive mod go to the expert developers at GIANTS Software, who have done an outstanding job in creating such a mod for Farming Simulator 22. Their exceptional skills in mod development are evident in the high-quality output produced by the Fortuna FTM 200 / 7.5 v1.0 FS22 trailer mod.