Flag set v1.1.1 Object Mod FS22

This is a small and wonderful set of flags that can be placed anywhere in the game. The Flag Set v1.1.1 FS22 comes with a few sorting categories in the shop, such as Europe, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, car & truck brands, soccer, beer & schnapps, drinks like cola, hardware stores and supermarkets, gas stations, clothing brands like Adidas and food, and other categories.

If you want to add more country flags or any other motifs, make a request in the comment function. The new flags will be at the end, but with every new update, they will be sorted into their appropriate categories. As and when needed, new categories will be added.

The Baumenue has fifteen different models for now, with more to come. You can find them in the Decoration folder under Other. The log is clean, so there is no mess to worry about.

Credits: Giants for the model, Design by Ronny Viking for the texture and Giants for the script.