Fire Modding Mods XXL Weights Pack v1.0 Implement Mod FS22

Hey there, Farming Simulator 22 enthusiasts! We’re excited to announce our latest creation – the XXL weights pack, created by Fire Modding Mods.

Our ballast pack comes in various sizes, including 100 kg, 250 kg, 500 kg, 750 kg, 1000 kg, 1500 kg, 2000 kg, 2500 kg, 3000 kg, 3500 kg, 4000 kg, 4500 kg, 5000 kg, 5500 kg, 6000 kg, 6500 kg, 7000 kg and 7500 kg, providing a wide range of options to ensure your agricultural machinery runs smoothly.

Our configuration options include 100 Kg, 250 Kg, 500 Kg, 750 Kg, 1000 Kg, 1t, 1.5t, 2t, 2.5t, 3t, 3.5t, 4t, 4.5t, 5t, 5.5t, 6t, 6.5t, 7t, and 7.5t. Stay tuned for an upcoming update that will include more color choices for your ballast.

To acknowledge the team’s hard work, we would like to thank Giants Software for the model and texture. The script is from Sonstige with the idea and concept developed by the Fire Modding Mods. Our testers were the Fire Modding Mods and Kolbenfetzer Crew, while the rest is from Fire Modding Mods, Kolbenfetzer Crew, and Sonstige.