Filltypes TP v1.0 Mod FS22


Introducing Filltypes TP v1.0 for FS22

This release is the first set of files introduced for FS22. However, please bear in mind that these files are not a complete mod, but rather only cater to modders interested in creating maps with new filltypes for mining and construction. Players who do not make maps will not find these files relevant.

To use these files, follow the instructions provided in the .rar file, which contains the textures and xml’s necessary to be added to your map.

For those interested in modding:
1. Add the fillPlanesTP folder to your map.
2. Open your map.xml and add:
<fillTypes filename=”maps/mapUS/fillPlanesTP/maps_fillTypes.xml” />
<densityMapHeightTypes filename=”maps/mapUS/fillPlanesTP/maps_densityMapHeightTypes.xml” />

It is important to specify the correct file path for the fillPlanesTP folder. In this case, “maps/mapUS/” is used as an example.
If implemented correctly, the new filltypes should be visible on your map.
3. Create a pile of filltypes on your map by referring to the fruitTPcode.xml, which provides the necessary channels for terrainDetailHeight. Instructions on how to use this can be found in tutorials. For assistance, feel free to consult my Discord channel.

Credits: Nonnus