Fiatagri 180-90 v1.0 Tractor Mod FS22

The Fiatagri 180-90 v1.0 is a new farming simulator 22 mod that offers farmers and players top-notch features that make agricultural activities enjoyable and efficient. The tank capacity is 280 liters, and the tractor comes with a reliable and robust engine that has six cylinders turbo, a displacement of 8102, and power of 180 hp or 132 kW. The Fiatagri 180-90 v1.0 has a weight of 7.750 Kg, a length of 4.55m, and a height of 2.85m, making it an exceptional addition to your virtual farm.

This farming simulator 22 mod is affordably priced at 33500 €, and its features make it a must-have for any farmer. With its impressive features, the Fiatagri 180-90 v1.0 tractor mod for FS22 is an excellent investment that guarantees the best results.

The Fiatagri 180-90 v1.0 mod also comes with several extra configurations to choose from, such as the front lift, all brands wheels, custom wheels, beacon lights, and chromed exhaust. You can customize your tractor to your specifications and preferences. One notable feature of the Fiatagri 180-90 v1.0 mod is the cover animation that allows players to open the door with ease.

If you’re looking for a high-quality mod that offers top-notch features and customization options, the Fiatagri 180-90 v1.0 mod is the perfect choice for you. Try it out and experience the best that farming simulator 22 has to offer.

This mod was created by Peppe978 – Fsi Group.