Ferme-Beyleron V1.0 Map Mod FS22

The Ferme-Beyleron V1.0 is a rebuilt version of Haut-Beyleron map, offering numerous extensions such as a multi-silo, vineyard, and more. The map was error-free, except for the bugs caused by GIANTS.

What’s New in Ferme-Beyleron V1.0?

The extended farm now includes a large cowshed with an automatic feeder and manure heap superstructure, large pigsty, sheep pen, chicken coop, horse stable, and three greenhouses with additional tanks. The farm also has a large mule silo NL16-22-16000 Multifrucht, truck scale, fuel tank, driving silo, workshop, two shelters with back wall, large hall, shelter with solar roof, bulk material hall, and Kärcher. Furthermore, the abandoned winery now has a vineyard with finished grape vines and a purchased plot.

Some additional production buildings have also been added, such as tailor’s shop, sugar factory, oil mill, and muesli factory. There are also new places available for selling harvest and production goods, including a restaurant and pizzeria next to the nearby lake, and a fast-food restaurant. The farm silo has been converted to multi-fruit, and there is also a small plough and ball trigger for the feeding robot’s storage bunkers in the cow shed.

Both multi-fruit silos have a bale trigger to store silage, hay, grass, and straw. The multi-fruit silos can store wheat, barley, oats, rape, millet, sunflowers, soybeans, maize, potatoes, sugar beet, sugar beet pulp, sugar cane olives, grapes, mixed feed, fodder, mineral feed, chaff, wood chips, silage, poplars, grass, hay, straw, manure, pig feed, seed, fertilizer, lime, road salt, snow, and stones.

Experience the new Ferme-Beyleron with loads of new features, and feel free to enjoy it as much as the creator did.

GIANTS / Pandahma