Farmtech DPW 1800 AutoLoad v1.0 Trailer Mod FS22

The Farmtech DPW 1800 AutoLoad v1.0 trailer mod is an incredible addition to the Farming Simulator 22 game. This mod is designed to enhance your gaming experience by making your work on the farm easier and more efficient.

Farmtech DPW 1800 AutoLoad v1.0 FS22 Features

The unique feature of this trailer mod is the autoload platform designed specifically for pallets. The mod comes with a capacity of 46 Euro pallets, making it easier to handle and transport large volumes of goods. Additionally, the liquid tank has a 10 unit capacity, making it useful for moving liquids within the farm.

The Farmtech DPW 1800 AutoLoad v1.0 mod is available at an affordable price of €24,500, making it accessible to all gamers.


We would like to acknowledge and thank Hispano Achimobil and GIANTS Software for their contribution to developing this exceptional Farming Simulator 22 mod.