F550 Flatbed v1.0 Car Mod FS22

Introducing the F550 Flatbed v1.0 FS22 car mod – an updated version that promises a better experience for users.

What’s new?

Let’s take a look at the improvements:

  1. Updated mirrors and badging to give the car a refreshed look.
  2. Added a sleek flatbed that allows for goose and bumper towing.
  3. Enhanced the car interior to provide a more comfortable ride.
  4. Replaced the XLT’s dull rims with nicer dually rims.
  5. Ensured users will have an enjoyable experience with this car mod.

Upon downloading the F550 Flatbed v1.0 FS22, you may notice it showing up as a dump truck as it originally was one. Nevertheless, this car mod has been tested and is ready for use.


Credits for this car mod go to Brookside Farms.