Enercon EP4 Windturbines v1.0 Object Mod FS22

This mod for FS22 features four Enercon EP4 Windturbines that were created during the lifetime of FS19. There are two versions, each with two different hub heights, the E126 EP4 priced at € 400,000, and the E141 EP4 at € 500,000. All the Windturbines are designed to align with the wind, and the rotor speed varies depending on the wind strength.

It is important to note that these images may not be an exact representation of the real models. Only the hub height, rotor diameter, and the rough appearance were based on the real images! Additionally, this mod may not be uploaded to any other website aside from LS-Modcompany. However, links to this page are permitted.

Credits: FSven