Elk Mountain Ranch House (Color selectable) v1.0.0.3 Object Mod FS22

The Elk Mountain Ranch House is a set of buildings that was originally created for Farming Simulator 19 but has been officially converted by Elk Mountain Modding for FS22. In this version, it is now possible to select from different colors and it has parallax mapping. The house features a sleep trigger upstairs and a wardrobe trigger in the upstairs bathroom. Additionally, it has working doors, both indoor and outdoor lights. You can manually activate the indoor lights on the ground floor and inside the garage. As for the outdoor lights, they are automatically activated at night for both the house and the garage. You can find the Ranch house under the farmhouse category and the garage under sheds in the game. There is no need to unzip the file, just drag it into your FS22 mods folder.

The Elk Mountain Ranch House in FS22 is an upgraded version of its predecessor from FS19. You can choose from different colors and navigate through the house to perform different activities, like sleeping or picking your wardrobe. The lighting system has also been improved with the option to customize the activation of the lights.

Credits for this mod go to Elk Mountain Modding, who officially converted the building for use in FS22.