DK 115 28T V1.0 FS22 Trailer Mod

If you are an avid Farming Simulator 22 player, you might be interested in the DK 115 28T V1.0 FS22 Trailer Mod. This trailer mod is a great addition to your farming experience, as it allows you to haul large quantities of crops or other materials around your virtual farm seamlessly.


The DK 115 28T V1.0 FS22 Trailer Mod has a capacity of 28000L, which is a sufficient amount for transporting crops, such as wheat, barley, or corn, from one point to another. Additionally, the price of the mod is reasonable, at 11500 units, which makes it accessible to most players.

The DK 115 28T V1.0 FS22 Trailer Mod is designed to make your farming experience easier by providing a functional means of transportation for your crops. The mod is easy to use and can be attached to most tractors that are compatible with the Farming Simulator 22 game.


This amazing mod was developed by RedeX01, a skilled modder in the Farming Simulator community. The credits for this mod go entirely to them, and we appreciate their hard work and dedication to enhancing the Farming Simulator 22 experience for all players.