Diesel Production v1.0 Object Mod FS22

If you are shocked by the current diesel prices, then Diesel Production Mod v1.0 for FS22 is the perfect solution for you. With this mod, you can produce your own diesel on your farm.

How it Works:
To produce 200 liters of diesel, you will need 250 liters each of canola and sunflower. The plant has a capacity of 1000 liters each for canola and sunflower, and 800 liters for diesel. The good news is, petrol stations are happy to buy our diesel at reasonable prices.

So, stop worrying about diesel prices and produce your own diesel using this mod. Make sure to have fun while doing it, and if you share the mod on other websites, please use the original link to show appreciation to the creator.

This mod was created by Der_Mali.