Diablo JD Harvester Pack v1.0 Harvester Mod FS22

Are you ready to take your farming game to the next level? Look no further than the Diablo JD Harvester Pack v1.0 for FS22. This mod offers a range of versatile and durable equipment designed to increase your efficiency and productivity.

Experience the Power of the Diablo JD X9 Harvester

The flagship of this mod is the Diablo JD X9 Harvester. With a top speed of 52km/h, and a whopping 16,200-64,800 liter capacity, you’ll be able to harvest your crops faster and with fewer trips back to the silo. Built to last, this harvester is an investment that will pay off for years to come. Its extended life ensures you won’t have to replace it as often as other models.

But the X9 is just the beginning. The Diablo JD Harvester Pack also includes a range of cutting headers to fit your specific needs. For small grains, the Diablo JD HD50 Cutter, priced at 99,500 euro, boasts a 15km/h workspeed and extended life. For corn, there are two options: the Diablo JD C16 Cornheaders for 127,000 euro or the Diablo JD C12 Cornheaders for 95,000 euro, both with a 15km/h workspeed and extended life.

Equip your farm with the best technology available and get the most out of your land.

Mod created by neo80.