Courseplay v7.0.0.28 FS22 Mod

The Courseplay mod for FS22 has just released its latest version, In this version, the last row should now overlap with the headland instead of the second last row. The new version also includes a bale loader for courses and some improvements to the field scanner. Additionally, some minor bug fixes have been made.

Another recent release, version, addressed a bug found in the previous version that caused courses to be saved incorrectly. Therefore, it is recommended to remove all saved courses and regenerate them with version to avoid any issues caused by corrupt courses.

Some other fixes and improvements in version include mower functionality, a field margin increase, bale finding on custom fields, AI pathfinding for fieldwork, and ignoring fruit when driving to start fieldwork. The custom field system has also been updated with new features, such as field border recording and renaming.

Previous versions, such as, also contained several improvements and fixes, including custom field filesystem integration, better course saving, convoy fixes, and more.

Overall, the Courseplay mod for FS22 continues to offer enhanced functionality and customization for players. The creators deserve credit for their work on this useful mod.

Courseplay release creator.