Conveyor belt SL80*22 Quantum Autoload v1.0 Implement Mod FS22

Welcome to the converted version of the Grimme SL80-22 Quantum conveyor for Farming Simulator 22. This mod comes with a lot of improvements to provide an enhanced gaming experience to its users.

What’s New?

The mod includes an autoload feature, allowing you to use the conveyor belt separately. Additionally, the range of the belt has been increased to 55×40 meters, and speed has been improved to 30 km/h. The repair interval has been extended and the chassis and rims now come with color options.

While these features may not reflect reality, they make the mod more engaging and enjoyable for everyone who wants to use it.

Feel free to take advantage of this mod and enjoy the modifications that come with it. Credits to Rolf69B for their contribution.