Complex V3.0 Placeableobject Mod FS22

The Complex V3.0 FS22 mod has gone through several updates and improvements to enhance your gaming experience. The most recent version, version 3.0, includes adjusted terrain height and newly added ramps at the hall entrance for smooth entry.

In version 2.5, the complex underwent a complete redesign, and brand new productions were added. Meanwhile, version 2.0 introduced a lot of new features, and 19 production chains were no longer enough. Now, snow also plays a significant role, with lime and water output resulting from snow input.

In version 1.5, updates focused on overhauling the entire building and its productions.

Even if you’re familiar with the LS 19 complex, there are some exciting new additions in this latest update. Unfortunately, the developer wasn’t able to find a suitable building to use and had to create one from scratch. But it’s just the beginning!

The Complex V3.0 FS22 mod was created by Wolfsmodding.