Claas Tractors Package v1.0 Pack Mod FS22

This mod presents the Claas Tractors Package v1.0 for FS22. It includes various Claas tractors and a Quicke Q8M front loader.

Claas Tractors Package v1.0 FS22

The package offers four Claas Arion 600 tractors with different engine configurations, namely Arion 610 (145 hp), Arion 630 (165 hp), Arion 650 (185 hp), and Arion 660 (205 hp). The price is $120,000. Additionally, it features the Claas Frontloader 140 at a price of $9,500 and a minimum required power of 145 hp.

The Claas Axion 800 tractor is also included with five engine configurations, namely Axion 800 (205 hp), Axion 810 (215 hp), Axion 830 (235 hp), Axion 850 (264 hp), and Axion 870 (295 hp). The price of Axion 800 is $185,000, and the power is 205 hp.

Another tractor offered in the package is the Claas Axion 900 with a more powerful engine, including Axion 920 (325 hp), Axion 930 (355 hp), Axion 940 (385 hp), Axion 950 (410 hp), and Axion 960 (445 hp). The price is $279,000, and the power is 325 hp.

The package also comprises the Claas Axion 900TT with two engine configurations, Axion 930 (355 hp) and Axion 960 (445 hp), priced at $355,000, and power at 355 hp.

Lastly, the Quicke Q8M front loader has a price of $16,500, and a minimum required power of 180 hp. It contains different configurations, including tire selection, rotating beacons, main color, and rim color.

Furthermore, several animations are integrated into the Clas tractors, such as opening/closing the door with a left/right mouse button, opening/closing the rear window with a backward/forward push of the two mouse buttons, and folding down/up the steering base when you enter/leave the tractor.

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