Chips Production V1.0 Object Mod FS22

If you are looking for a fun and useful mod for FS22, the Chips Production V1.0 is a great option for you. Thanks to a recent update, all warnings and errors have been fixed, making the mod more reliable than ever.

How to Use Chips Production V1.0 FS22

In order to use the Chips Production V1.0 mod, you will need several items, including canola, canola oil, and pallet. With these ingredients, you will be able to produce chips and puree, which can be a valuable addition to your virtual farm.

If you are unsure how to get started, simply follow the instructions provided in the mod to get the most out of this exciting feature. By using Chips Production V1.0 FS22, you can unlock new items and resources that will help you achieve your farming goals.


We would like to extend our thanks to Giants TheSnake for creating this fantastic mod. Without their hard work and dedication, this exciting feature would not be possible.