Black market v2.2 Object Mod FS22

The new version of the Black Market Mod for FS22 comes with exciting upgrades that make it easier and more profitable for players to sell their products.

What’s New in Version 2.2?

Alongside various fixes and improvements, version 2.2 now allows for the sale of TREESAPLINGS pallets in addition to other products.

Version 2.1:

Empty pallets can now be sold on the Black Market.

Version 2.0:

In addition to other products, players can now sell methane. The mod also includes triggers specifically designed for bales and trees.

With the FS22 Black Market Mod, you can now sell your products without having to pay sales tax, and receive sales prices that are 7-19% higher than those offered by other outlets.

Best of all, with the updated mod, there are no LOG errors to worry about, allowing more seamless gameplay.

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Giants Software / AK6070