Big Cowbarn with 500 Cows, accepts Bales + Feeding Robot v1.3 Object Mod FS22

This mod version offers an increased capacity for cows with a maximum limit of 500. With version 1.3, there have been some improvements made that include fixing the feed triggers based on user feedback. The cowshed now accepts straw and hay bales in the feeding area. Additionally, the version equipped with a feeding robot has trigger spots where hay, straw, and silage bales can be placed both in and outside the garage. Photos of these spots are available for reference.

This updated Cowbarn now allows for bales to be placed inside it. For the version with Feeding Robot, bales can be placed in the Robot Station. Another feature of this mod is an increased input and output capacity, with a generous feeding value for the robot.

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Credit goes to Keksi for developing this mod.