Bale Storage v1.0 FS22

A Convenient Way to Store Bales in FS22

Looking for a place to store bales in your farm? Look no further than Bale Storage v1.0 for FS22! With its three different size options and affordable prices, it’s the perfect storage solution for all your farm needs.

One of the options is the Bale Storage 150 that can accommodate up to 150 bales. With its dimensions of about 12m x 6m, it is perfect for field edge or yard storage. It comes at a price of $2,000 with no additional daily costs.

Another option is the Bale Storage 350, which can store up to 350 bales. It has a larger size of approximately 24m x 6m and can accommodate more bales than the smaller version. It comes at a slightly higher price of $2,200 and has no daily costs.

For those in need of even more storage space, Bale Storage 800 is the perfect solution. It has a massive capacity of 800 bales and can easily store them all in its spacious dimensions of about 24m x 10m. Priced at $2,500, it is an economical and efficient way to store a large number of bales at once with no additional costs.

No matter which Bale Storage option you go for, they all offer a cost-effective way to store your bales and keep your farm organized. With 0 daily costs, these storage solutions are an affordable way to keep your bales in one convenient location.

This FS22 mod was made by Kastor [D-S-Agrarservice].