Angeliter land v3.0 Map Mod FS22

If you’re looking for a challenging farming simulator map, you might want to try Angelite Land version It’s the final version, so the creators did their best to include exciting features to make this map stand out from the others.

The AI traffic has been reworked, and it no longer stops when turning, offering more realistic driving simulations. You can also choose to play in a more difficult mode, where you start from scratch, and you have no resources at the beginning.

The map now has larger customizable animal stables, including sheep, horse, and pig yards. Unused land can be purchased, and the Schafhof and Pferdehof have a working farmhouse that you can remove, but no new farmhouse can be placed if you already own one. To further immerse you in the German farm simulation experience, German license plates have been added.

Many production elements have been adjusted, and ten more search objects and a bread selling point have been added. Traffic signs and crash barriers are also installed throughout the map for better navigation.

In version, many changes were made, some requiring a new savegame. Some of the significant improvements include modified AI helper pathfinding, new delineators, and a new map icon for the cattle market. The map also has a new chocolate shop and cotton point of sale. Cosmetic changes have been made throughout the map, including some dirt road revisions, and the removal of stray parking lanes on field 22.

Angelite Land is a fictional map consisting of medium to large fields and a large forest area for forestry work. It’s an exciting and challenging farming simulator map that will test your skills while providing you with a rewarding simulation experience.