AGRO-LIFT AUK v1.0 FS22 Implement Mod

The AGRO-LIFT AUK v1.0 FS22 is a cultivation unit developed by a Polish manufacturer that can be used in Farming Simulator 22. This implement mod is specially designed to ease the work of the farmers while increasing their productivity.

About the AGRO-LIFT AUK v1.0 FS22

The AGRO-LIFT AUK v1.0 FS22 is a powerful and sturdy cultivation unit that can efficiently cultivate the soil with its 3.0-meter working width. This cultivator is available at a reasonable price of €15,000 and requires a power demand of 90 km.

The AGRO-LIFT AUK v1.0 FS22 can efficiently work at a maximum operating speed of 15 km/h, which allows farmers to save a lot of time and meet their daily cultivation requirements efficiently. This makes it an ideal choice for farmers who are looking for an affordable yet efficient cultivation unit.


The AGRO-LIFT AUK v1.0 FS22 has been designed and developed by ReverS Mods and Crystal Modder. We appreciate their efforts and thank them for creating such a useful mod that helps farmers increase their productivity in Farming Simulator 22.