Agrisam Disc O Vigne subsoiler V1.1 Implement Mod FS22

The Agrisam Disc O Vigne subsoiler V1.1 is an implement mod for Farming Simulator 22 designed to provide better performance in vineyards. The mod is based on the original Gians Agrisam Disc O Vigne deep loosener, but has been modified to have a working width of 3.6m.

If you’re looking for a subsoiler that can handle the specific demands of vineyards, then the Agrisam Disc O Vigne subsoiler V1.1 is a great choice. It has been optimized to work in these areas, so you can be sure that your crops will receive the care they need.

The mod was developed by Gians, with assistance from Falk66 who provided the idea and concept for the project. Textures were also created by Gians, while the script was developed by both Gians and Falk66. The mod has been extensively tested by Falk66, so you can be confident that it’s reliable and effective.

Modell: Gians
Textur: Gians
Script:Gians & Falk66
Idee / Konzept: Falk66