90×200 Shed Pack V1.0 Building Mod FS22

If you’re a Farming Simulator 22 player looking for a new building mod, then the 90×200 Shed Pack V1.0 is a must-try option. This building mod is the FS19 Conversion of the 90×200 Shed Pack with Normal Mapping technology. It’s a great and smooth mod that offers everything you need.

The shed pack has a variety of features that make it an excellent addon to your collection:

  • Occluder Wall meshes that hide everything beyond the walls, both inside and out.
  • Inside lights that can be turned on/off by pressing the R key.
  • New snow mesh on the roof for enhanced visual effects.
  • Inside areas that emit echoing sounds when your vehicle enters the shed.
  • 14 magnificent color options to choose from with TPF building logos made by NDMM.
  • Automatic night-time lights that make the building look stunning when it’s dark.
  • Can comfortably accommodate large equipment including 50 ft headers and seeders with up to 22 ft height rafters.
  • Seasons ready, providing the ultimate gaming experience.

The new version comes with not only the six original colors but also eight new colors. The creators have also promised to make future buildings and updates less clunky in the player shop menu.

Overall, it’s an outstanding building mod that you’ll surely love. So what are you waiting for? Try it out now and take your gaming experience to a whole new level!

Credits: The TPF building model, Normal Mapped Tin, and Ingaming were developed by TPF. Nxtgen Mapping created the Bi-Fold Door models, and 3D Tin was used for Normal Mapping. NDMM developed the TPF Building Logo. Finally, thanks to testers including Farm Sim Guy, Kederk Farms, Argsy Gaming, Fs Screenshots, Central Alberta Mapping and Modding, Maple Creek Modding and Media, Forward Ag, Atakan, and the Server Group.